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Camera Recordings

Video recording of an existing building, apartment or other rooms with a 4K camera on a stabilizer and editing a film with music. Price depends on the size of the project and the distance from the location.
The cost of implementation from PLN 1,300 per minute of video (net).

3D Animations

3D animation rendered from a 3D model. The model provided by the client is developed by our specialists especially for animation. It is also possible to order an animation from the apartment plans. Objects are modeled in such a situation by our 3D artists.
The cost of implementation from PLN 1500 per minute of video (net).

Virtual Tour are great for website, YouTube and Social Media. The video is exported in various formats depending on the clients' needs.

Interactive maps from photos

Photos of the rooms taken by the photographer are combined into interactive maps that allow you to move freely around the room shown on the basis of combined photos, as in the Google Street Map.

Interactive maps from 360 photos

A technique that allows you to create an even better impression of interactivity, consisting in combining 360 photos into an interactive map, allowing you to freely travel around the room. It differs from the Interactive Photo Map with an additional element of free movement around the monitored room, without the need to load another photo.

Implementation cost from PLN 1,500 (net).

Perfect solution for websites

Interactive 3D Applications

3D model
A 3D application in the form of a “game” in which the user can freely move around the entire facility. The “game” is created on the basis of a 3D model received from the client or modeled by us on the basis of design drawings. The “game” has interactive objects such as opening doors, turning on lights, changing decorations and accessories in the room.
Implementation cost from PLN 2,000 (net).

Interactive 3D Applications

“Game”, as in the case of the 3D model, adapted to be viewed on the screen and with VR goggles.
Implementation cost from PLN 3,500 (net).

Other services

Our team consists of specialists in modeling, animation and media mix. We create visualizations, animated promotional films, interactive investment maps and solutions for the development industry. More about services in this industry can be found at

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