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That’s it! It already happened! Our world is fully digitalised. To survive and thrive companies need to create their own CRM systems, eCommerces and other applications to dynamically grow and develop on current markets. 

The Solution Department is a team delivering various industry-led solutions in web and mobile application development, new technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), AI-ML, AR-VR and Games. We feel empowered with our certified tech experts, developers, UX/UI designers and our R&D team who have always challenged themselves to help global clients build, improve or redesign solutions to suit their needs.

Working with our team guarantees our clients to save money on project development yet fast delivery and highest quality.

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Slide 1 - Mobile App

Mobile App

We have documented, documented experience in building mobile applications that provide B2C, B2B or B2E services for entrepreneurs, startups, companies and corporations, focused on results and engaging users. Native applications applications for Android, iOS, hybrid and cross-platform applications using technology.

Slide 2 - Web Applications

Web Development

Our developers have unparalleled experience in working with the latest web technologies in the field of delivering custom web solutions. We provide a wide range of solutions and frameworks and specialized approach.

Slide 3 - Wearable app

Wearable App Development

Smart mobile devices have become the standard today. We have experience in delivering robust, innovative and interactive and high-performance applications for various mobile devices such as Google Glass, Android Wear, Samsung Gear, Fitbit, AR / VR based wearables, etc.

Slide 4 - ML & AI App

ML & AI Applications

Our specialists create AI-ML solutions that will save up to 30% of the overall costs of business operations. We have experience working with tools, structures and technologies such as TensorFlow, Apache SystemML, Caffe, Apache Mahout, OpenNN, Torch, Neuroph, Mycroft AI etc. to support business intelligence in various industries.

Slide 5 - IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

Leveraging the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Connected Devices network, our IoT experts develop tailored and innovative solutions to simplify and automate complex business processes. We help startups and enterprises in building IoT platforms and connecting them to other cloud, on-premises or IoT applications.

Slide 6 - Quality Assurance (QA)


Quality Assurance (QA) and software testing services are the backbone of our ecosystem. We have a team of proven test experts whose work helps you to publish faster with uncompromising quality. We perform functional, GUI, usability, security tests, tests of databases, platforms, browsers, accessibility, etc.

Slide 7 - Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour are great for website, YouTube and Social Media. The video is exported in various formats depending on the clients' needs. Our team consists of specialists in modeling, animation and media mix. We create visualizations, animated promotional films, interactive investment maps and solutions for the development industry.

Slide 8 - Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

We offer realistic experiences in the field of virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Our VR / AR / MR application solutions are perfect for industrial and enterprise applications and entertainment.

Slide 9 - UI / UX

UI/UX Design

UI / UX design is the basis of success any web or mobile application. Rexton Solutions turns great ideas into functional products. Starting from conceptualization, information architecture, visual identification and UX design, to creating attractive websites and mobile applications that ensure maximum engagement.

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are you curious who we are?

rexton solutions vision is to strengthen the position of clients / companies
by creating new opportunities using the latest
technologies, the highest quality, satisfaction and transparency.

For our team, the definition of success is to surpass innovative ideas implemented with the help of our technical expertise. This is what we, as a team, want to be remembered for!

head of rexton solution

kati światłowska

Kati has years of experience in project management and leadership. Over the course of 14 years, she co-managed a digital agency as a founder, CFO, Manager, and Social Media Manager. She has worked with clients in a wide range of industries, from medical and beauty products, to service or development, to strictly technical.

For many years, she has managed projects, people, organized industry events and created websites. She is constantly expanding her IT knowledge.

Thanks to her experience, Kati will advise you with great willingness and enthusiasm, and together with her team will help you find the best solution for your business.

head of
international business relations

irfani silviana

Irfani is known for her multi-skills and experiences in various industrial fields, ranging from retail shops, restaurants, real estate to coffee exports.

For more than 10-year she has worked in the field of web development and IT. With various experiences and support from her MBA education, Irfani will be happy to guide and help you find the best solution for your business.


forward thinking clients.

rexton is more than IT


“Spending energy to understand the audience and carefully crafting a message that resonates with them means making a commitment of time and discipline to the process.” — Nancy Duarte

At Rexton Digital Department we have all it takes to craft and spread messages that capture your business at best. We create marketing campaigns, social media content and paid ads, build marketing strategies and Branding. From simple Ad Campaign to Redesigning your brand or creating a new one, our specialist can help you in every step of your business journey.




Step into the world of filmmaking for business. Video marketing and storytelling is one of the best ways to evoke warm emotions and positive associations among customers to your brand. Why? Text to visualize requires imagination; video gives us a ready-made world. 

The proof? A 10-second action scene in a movie is sure to move you faster than reading its description in the best-written screenplay. 

At Rexton Production we can help you tell your story and produce video commercials, TV shows, documentaries, feature films, music videos, aerovide, 360, conferences, webinars, digital events, podcasts, 2D/3D animation, practical or CGI effects.


If you think that the gaming world is a space that has nothing to do with your company’s activities, think again. It might be your chance to stand out from the competition. Create games to promote your products or services, share your knowledge through gamified applications. 


Rexton Studio is a team that creates games for smartphones, web browsers, computers and consoles, but also dedicated gamification solutions for your business. You can use the gamified HR assignments, creative employee evaluations, or as an interactive way to award customers with promotions.    

Sky’s a limit.